Snow pack
Deep Snowpack and How it Affects Spring Fishing
It’s no secret that Colorado has received A LOT of snow this year. As such, we can start making predictions for spring fishing conditions and provide you with tips and tricks to have a successful spring on the river.
Guide to fishing the Arkansas Pueblo Tailwater
Guide to Fishing the Arkansas River Tailwater
There are a number of great tailwaters in Colorado and the Arkansas River Tailwater in Pueblo is definitely on that list. Driving to Pueblo might not be top of mind when deciding where to go for your next fly fishing adventure, but we encourage you to lea
How to safely handle trout in the winter
How to Safely Handle Trout in the Winter
It’s winter in Colorado and the majority of the season will provide sub-freezing temperatures. As such, it's time to starting thinking about proper trout handling and how to stay warm in the meantime.
Dream Stream
Best Colorado Winter Fly Fishing Destinations
While many of the state’s best fisheries are covered in ice this time of year, there are a number of great freestone and tailwater options that provide some of the best winter fly fishing in the country.
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Guide to Winter Dry Fly Fishing
or the most part, winter fly fishing calls for microscopic nymphs and the occasional streamer. However, under the right conditions, fishing dry flies can be very productive and frankly, a nice break from the indicator crazies.
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Winter Fly Fishing Clinic with Colorado Trout Hunters and FlyCast
To help you make the transition from fall to winter, we have teamed up with Danny Frank, owner and head guide at Colorado Trout Hunters, to provide winter fly fishing clinics.
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8 Tips for Winter Fly Fishing
Making the switch from fall to winter fishing can be difficult, but as long as you implement these tips, you may find that winter is one of your new favorite fly fishing seasons.
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FlyCast 2018 Long-Term Winter Forecast
In our inaugural long-term “Winter FlyCast,” we will properly equip you with the information and know-how for a successful winter fly fishing season.