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Gear Review: Rock Treads
We recently had the opportunity to test out Rock Treads, an aluminum traction kit for wading boots, and we were so impressed, we just had to spread to word.
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Guide Interview with Danny Frank of Colorado Trout Hunters
Understanding that not everyone has had the opportunity to spend a day with a guide, we sat down with our friend Danny Frank, owner and head guide at Colorado Trout Hunters, to pick his brain about Colorado Fly Fishing as well as his favorite tips/tricks.
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10 Tips for Fly Fishing Beginners
We tapped on the shoulder of a fellow angler who has made it through his first year of fly fishing to share his experiences and the biggest things he has learned thus far. Here are Damian’s top lessons from his first year of fly fishing
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8 Tips For Fall Fly Fishing
There’s no denying it! Fall is one of our favorite times of the year to fish. As sure as the trees change color, so too will your approach to fly fishing. Here we’ll discuss our top 8 tips for fly fishing in the fall.
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6 Colorado Rivers, Creeks and Lakes for Fly Fishing Beginners
We’ve posted several blogs lately focused on helping new anglers get into the sport of fly fishing. In light of that focus, we want to highlight some of our favorite rivers, streams and lakes that we feel are friendly to novice anglers.
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Tips for Fishing Freestone Rivers and a Guide to the Upper Arkansas and Colorado River
Colorado is home to two iconic North American rivers, the Arkansas and Colorado River. Many anglers gravitate to the numerous tailwater streams in the state for various reasons, but freestone's such as the Arkansas and Colorado shouldn’t be overlooked.k
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How Sky Conditions Impact Fly Fishing
While you will often see aggressive hatch activity on sunny days, the duration is favorable on overcast days. With cloud cover comes a long lasting hatch. Meaning that the bugs will be on the water for a longer period of time and trout will feed longer.
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6 Tips for Better Fly Fishing Etiquette
Fly fishing can be an intimidating sport to get into due to things such as the different techniques, proper equipment and the often times forgotten – fly fishing etiquette.