There is no shortage of incredible rivers and fly fishing destinations in Colorado. As natives and avid fly fishermen, we’ve come to realize two things: it’s easy to repeatedly resort to the rivers you’re comfortable with and finding new rivers to fish can not only be intimidating, but time intensive. We recently learned that we aren’t the only anglers who fall into this trap, as we have started receiving requests from other anglers looking for help planning a fly fishing trip or identifying new rivers for them to explore. We’ve received wonderful feedback from our recommendations and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t enjoy piecing together epic fly fishing itineraries that at times, make us a bit jealous. So, to help you better understand our newest offering, we are going to break down the process and show you a real example of what our custom itineraries entail.

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In the past, we’ve handled these requests informally, but in order to help streamline the process, we created a page on our website dedicated to building custom fly fishing trips. With just three easy steps, we will help you prepare for a big fly fishing trip or quick weekend getaway.

Step 1 – Consult: On the Trips page of our website, there is a comment box for you to provide us with the details of your trip. To get the consultation phase rolling, all we need to know is the time frame of your trip, your skillset, the type of water you are wanting to fish, your preferred accommodations and how far you’re willing to travel. While we may have some follow up questions, this information will be enough for us to start building your trip.

Step 2 – Design: Based on your preferences and desires, we start stringing together rivers and/or lakes that are within close proximity of each other and a town to setup a basecamp. Previous itineraries included 3 – 4 rivers and centrally located lodging recommendations. Once you agree with our selection of rivers, we begin putting together an itinerary that includes information specific to each river. The itineraries include a background on the rivers, fishing tips and strategies, recommended flies based on hatch schedules, mapped access points and accommodation recommendations. We bundle all this information together and provide you with a PDF and a Google Map that pinpoints ideal access points.

Step 3 – Final Preparation: Now that you’ve received your itinerary and maps, the ball is in your court to book accommodations, purchase the recommended flies/gear and figure out how much beer you’ll need. If you need help locating nearby fly shops, guides or want your gear delivered, we are happy to make recommendations or refer you to our partners at Anglers All for no hassle delivery. One to two weeks before your trip, we encourage you to reach out for updated conditions and fly recommendations.

If you are wondering what the final product looks and feels like, click here for an example.

You may be wondering why we do this? The answer is simple. Just like our free, up-to-date fly fishing reports, we enjoy helping anglers have incredible outings on the river and finding new places to fish. Perfecting your fly fishing skills is a challenge all on it’s own, so let us help with the other time consuming aspects. If there’s ever anything we can’t help with, odds are we know someone who can help!