Over the years of fishing one of Colorado’s most popular rivers, the South Platte Deckers, we’ve learned a number of things, but one thing is for sure, you can’t get too comfortable with the water flow. In the last two days, flows at South Platte Deckers jumped nearly 70 cfs to 215 cfs. While that may not be out of the ordinary, it really changes things from a fly fishing perspective. Ideally, we prefer flows in the 150 cfs to 160 cfs range but beggars can’t be choosers. On the bright side, increased flows mean previously settled nutrients on the river bed will have been kicked up providing a greater variety and quantity of food sources for trout. However, you will need to change the way you fish. Trout will continue to hold in the deep runs and pools, but will also spread out among the numerous eddies and along the banks. Tack on those split shots and get those flies down. If you think you’ve got enough weight, you probably don’t. From a non-flow perspective, cloud cover, rising air temperatures, and declining barometric pressure will increase feeding activity. On the downside, this weekend, particularly Saturday, is forecast to very busy so get to the water early.

MVP Flies: Grey RS2’s and Black Beauties

Go To Flies: Zebra Midges, Disco Midges, Foam Back Emergers, WD-40's and Egg Patterns.

Wildcard Flies: San Juan worms (rising flows often kick up settled worms)

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