Colorado Trout Hunters Summer Fishing Clinic

Clinic Details:

Location: Tarryall Creek - private water

Date: 7/18/2020

Time: 8:30 am – 1:30 pm

Cost: $245 per person

Included: Rod fee, flies and tippet (if needed, waders, boots, rod and reel)

Clinic is limited to 6 anglers

Please email to reserve your spot!

We've had such a great time the past two years meeting new anglers and helping them land trout in difficult winter conditions that we couldn't resist offering a summer clinic! Summer is the time when trout and bugs really come to life. Gone are the days of nymphing with 6x tippet and tiny midge patterns. With an abundance of bug activity and active trout, anglers have opportunities to fish bigger bugs and fish dry flies to trout feeding on the surface. While summer fly fishing is generally more forgiving than winter and spring, it still requires anglers to adjust their approach. Understanding when to switch from a nymph rig to a dry fly setup and selecting the appropriate fly(s) to either match the hatch or attract attention is all a part of the game. To help you make the transition from winter/spring, we are teaming up again with Colorado Trout Hunters, to provide a summer fly fishing clinic.

So, what can you expect? We will be hosting a 5-hour long, group clinic on a private stretch of Tarryall Creek. Each clinic will start with a run through of the necessary equipment, flies and tactics needed to be successful during the summer. From there, the Colorado Trout Hunter guides will perform on-water demonstrations of how they effectively fish dry and dry dropper setups. Once the demonstrations are complete, anglers will have four hours to test what they learned with oversight from the guides and FlyCast team. The goal of this clinic is to provide you with the knowledge and skills to feel more confident fly fishing, this summer.