1. Players may carry one rod that is a 5wt or smaller
  2. Each player must “tee off” from the same tee box
  3. Players are allowed to get the appropriate amount of line out before casting but may not make a full practice cast
    1. A maximum of 5 false casts are allowed but if your line hits the ground in front of you, a stroke will be counted
    2. If at any point during your false casts you are unsatisfied, you can drop your line and fly behind you and resume casting with remaining allotted false casts (5 false casts total)
  4. After all players have made their cast, anglers will leave their line on the ground until they walk to the location of their fly. From there, anglers may retrieve their line and prepare for their next cast
  5. The player furthest from the hole will always cast first
  6. If your fly lands in a bush, tree or other hazard that is impossible to cast from, a stroke will be added as the player moves their fly one rod length from the hazard
  7. As long as your fly is not located in a hazard, the player must play their shot from where their fly lies
    1. All types of casting are allowed (i.e overhand, backhand, roll cast etc.)
  8. If the player lands their fly within a rods length of the hole, they will receive a “gimme” and add one stroke to complete the hole
  9. The fly must land in the hole in order to count. Flies sitting next to the hole do not count and will require a “gimme”
  10. Players will keep track of each others score
    1. At the end of each hole, the player must report their score to the player keeping track of their score
  11. To keep the game moving along, there is an 8 shot maximum on each hole. If you do not put your fly in the hole on the 8th cast, you will pick up your fly and record an 8
  12. The player with the lowest score at the end of the 9 holes will be named Tournament Champion