The Birth Of FlyCast

In our debut blog, I wanted to share with you what FlyCast is all about and how it got its’ start. My longtime friend and fly fishing buddy, Travis, and I started FlyCast with one goal in mind: Inform Colorado anglers on the where, when, what and how of fly fishing. Well to be fair, we recognized a growing disconnect between the fishing reports that we used to consider the word of God and the results we saw while on the water. I can’t tell you how many times I would study a traditional fishing report, go spend 50 to 100 bucks on flies and gear then drive two hours to be skunked at the river. It is demoralizing! Most Colorado fly fishing reports are useful in a number of ways, but they seem to carry a similar theme: they’re not consistently updated and generally lack the “why” aspect. They often become stale, rendering the reports relatively useless. Fly fishing and river conditions are changing constantly and so too should our fishing reports. Trout are predictable creatures and at FlyCast, we’ve taken a number of key variables to forecast fly fishing conditions and trout behavior for a growing list of rivers in Colorado – both weekly and daily.

What Does FlyCast Have To Offer?

FlyCast’s weekly overview is very similar to your traditional fishing report in that it provides Colorado anglers with the necessities. Our team of fly fishing analysts report changes in river flow dynamics as it relates to the previous week and time of year, as well as the ideal water level for the most productive day on the water. FlyCast utilizes timely and in-depth weather forecasts to analyze the impact of ambient temperatures, precipitation, sky dynamics (sunny or cloudy) and barometric pressure, among other things, on fishing conditions. Like other fly fishing reports, FlyCast provides a selection of recommended flies that will put trout in your net. Additionally, within our weekly river summaries, we provide the ideal time of day and day of the week to fish a particular river.

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What Sets FlyCast Apart From Other Fishing Reports

What really sets FlyCast apart from traditional fly fishing reports are our dynamic daily forecasts. While we wholeheartedly believe there is no such thing as a bad day to fish, our forecasts aim to educate anglers of all skill sets on how to have the most productive day on the water, and which days will be better than others - our daily forecasts tell it like it is. Thursday, for example, is forecast to be the most productive day on the Deckers section of the South Platte River. Cloudy skies and declining air pressure (barometric pressure) make for ideal fishing. The cloud cover gives trout a sense of protection from predators, resulting in dispersed fish throughout the river, as opposed to podded up. Declining air pressure often leads to increased feeding activity as the opposite – high or increasing air pressure – leads to bloated and less-active fish.

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On the contrary, Monday is forecast to be less productive, given high angler pressure the previous two days as well as declining air temperature. After several days of high fishing pressure, trout become increasingly skittish and are not as easily fooled by imitation flies. Additionally, cold temperatures make for sluggish fish – who could blame them? While Monday’s forecast is less than optimistic, FlyCast provides the ideal time of day, despite apparent negative factors.

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FlyCast Brings Transparency to its’ Fly Fishing Reports

Personally, I am always looking to improve as a fly fisherman, and a huge factor in doing so is understanding the material I am reading. FlyCast provides a growing list of commonly used terms in its glossary page. The terms are broken down and organized to reflect our “where, what, why, and how” goal for educating anglers (see below for example).

Our goal is to help you put a fish in your net no matter the day, time or conditions. By analyzing in-depth weather data and applying it to biologically driven behaviors of fish, an angler of any skill level can better themselves on the river. FlyCast makes it easy with fresh and up-to-date forecasts and reports that proven useful time and again. We’re always looking for your feedback after a day on the river using Flycast forecasts, so feel free to drop us a line at